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Ryan Broomfield and his PieCycle Photograph: Murray Fraser / Sprout Daily

Ryan Broomfield and his PieCycle Photograph: Murray Fraser / Sprout Daily


Ryan Broomfield learnt the art of pie making from his brother Neil, Britain’s most awarded pie man and Supreme Pie Champion of Britain 2015. 

Quality produce and ingredients

Broomfields all-butter pastry pies combine the finest local ingredients with the iconic flavours of Ryan’s British roots (and travels).  The menu will vary, depending on the seasonality of ingredients and the weekly discoveries Ryan makes at Sydney’s local farmers markets.

Broomfields prides itself on using the best ingredients from local producers. Expect to see unique combinations including Chicken, Sweetcorn and Manchego; Ham, Black Pudding and Sugar Plums and White Bean, Red Cheshire and Truffle. There will also be a few regulars on offer like Classic Cheese and Onion and Mince Beef and Onion with Bovril gravy. 

The PieCycle

Ryan had an idea to provide ‘take and bake’ pies to Manly commuters; offering a bistro quality meal (in a pie) that can be taken home and baked in 20 minutes. In May 2017 he launched the PieCycle at Manly Wharf. Broomfields PieCycle is a custom made Christiania cargo bike by The Bicycle Import Company, Byron Bay. The PieCycle is a nod and a wink to Sydney’s illustrious pie history and its original flying pieman William Francis King who in the 1840/50s sold pies to Parramatta steamer passengers. It also references the pie hawkers of Victorian England who would sell pies from a barrow or a shallow (trays carried on the head). In 2018 the PieCycle moved on from Manly Wharf to The Rocks Market. Watch this park for news of where it will park up in 2019.