winter menu

Traditional Mince Beef and Onion
Slow-roasted biodynamic beef from Cowobee Farm, roast garlic and white onion purée, cinnamon, black and white pepper and Bovril gravy

Chicken, Leek and Mustard
Pot roasted free-range chicken, butter-roasted leeks, English mustard cream, white wine and poppy seed

The Manchester
Grandma Singletons Famously Strong Lancashire cheese, butter-braised white onion, Panko and nutmeg

Smoked Ocean Trout and Wasabi
Brilliant Food smoked ocean trout, white wine and wasabi cream, peas, toasted sushi rice and wasabi peas

The Princess Madras
24-hour slow-roasted biodynamic Linden lamb keema, Nomad English Madras, tomato, onion, lime pickle, potato and pea

Jerusalem Sharwarma
Pumpkin slow-roasted in Nomad Jerusalem Sharwarma, garlic butter-braised white beans and strong cheddar

Sneaky Vegan
Cinnamon-roasted field mushrooms, braised white onion puree, garlic, white and black pepper with a rich Bovril gravy